picture of dawn dunn karate instructor

Dawn Dunn 5th Dan

5th Dan Black Belt

I started practicing karate in 1999 after being invited to a taster session with Severn Area Shotokai Karate. Having found the event both challenging and fun, I realized that it was something I really wanted to do. I have thoroughly enjoyed my journey of karate-Do ever since. Over this period I have been lucky enough to participate in many events both home and abroad, including trips across Europe and Canada. I have met many inspirational people (especially my Sensei Maria Marfleet) who have helped to encourage me to achieve a greater level of ability and understanding of the practice of karate.
I have lots of experience teaching children and adults through Severn Area Shotokai. Starting my own club is a great opportunity to pass on the benefits of karate and I really enjoy seeing others achieve their grades. I would encourage anyone who is interested to have a go themselves as there is so much to be gained from it, whatever age and fitness level.
Outside of karate I enjoy practicing yoga and running and have completed the London marathon and many local distance events. I also enjoy music and particularly playing the piano, when I’m not doing karate of course!


picture of steve lucas karate instructor

Steve Lucas 5th Dan

5th Dan Black Belt, Adult Practices

Steve started practicing Shotokai karate-Do with the KDS in 1981, practicing at Trowbridge Judo Club under Mohammed Yachou. He then went on to practice at Redbridge School in Southampton.
Steve later met Gavin Healy (5th Dan) and together in 2000 they formed The Karate Ki-Do Association, based at Trowbridge Judo Club, which he now runs with Dawn. The club has now become a part of Severn Area Shotokai.



picture of Alex instructor ALEX FITZSIMONS 
1st dan black belt

My name is Alex Fitzsimons. I started Shotokai Karate at the Bathampton Scout Hut when I was five years old in 2005. I have now earned my 1st Dan adult blackbelt and continue to enjoy practicing and helping others. Although I have thankfully never had to use karate I believe it has been a valuable skill to have learned.  I also find that practicing karate has been a great way to get some exercise, improve my balance and flexibility.



1st Dan Black belt

Katrina was a single parent when a friend introduced her to karate at Trowbridge Judo Club . SheA picture of Katrina had felt vulnerable and wanted to be able to protect herself and her children if she needed to. Katrina also found the confidence it gave her and the social life a great benefit too.
After 12 years learning Karate (during which time she has married and taken short breaks to have three more children) She still feels she is learning something new every practice. She says ” I love the friendly atmosphere in both  Trowbridge and Bathampton clubs. Everyone is so supportive and encouraging, Students and instructor’s alike. I couldn’t imagine life without Shotokai now.”
Katrina was awarded her first Dan black belt in April 2014.