bath-karate-logo-smallBath Tiger-Kai Karate-Do holds karate classes for both children and adults. We are based in Bathampton, just outside of Bath. We practice a type of karate called Shotokai, which is a traditional Japanese martial art, not a competition oriented sports karate.

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For Children

Shotokai karate is especially good for children as it doesn’t rely on strength to be effective.
Not only is karate a lot of fun, it helps children develop respect, both for themselves and others and allows them to learn skills that will make them good members of their communities.  It improves fitness, flexibility and confidence, with the added benefit of being able to defend themselves if needed.
Instructor, Dawn Dunn, has had lots of experience teaching children throughout Severn Area Shotokai.
Parents are always very welcome to stay and watch and the first taster session is free!

For Adults

Have you ever fancied having a go at a martial art, but were unsure how to go about it?
Here’s your chance, if you are over sixteen years of age, why don’t you come and join Dawn to learn Shotokai karate and have some fun in a friendly and welcoming atmosphere.  Just wear something loose, a tee-shirt and jogging bottoms are ideal. The first taster session is free!


grouppicture of karate tutors

Hayley Green, Dawn Dunn, Josh Smith, Emma Davey and Steve Lucas

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